Type: Brakes, Press
Manuf: ERMAK
Model: AP14X176
Seller Stock #: 0110131

2005 Ermak Model AP14X176      175 Ton x 14' CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Overall Bending Capacity:              176 TONS
  Overall Bending Length:                14'
  Distance Between Housings:              12' 6"
  Bending Capacity:                      176 US Tons
  Safety Distance:                        59"
  Approach Speeds:                        3.93 (inch/s)
  Main Motor Drive:                      20 HP
  Current Electrical Arrangement:        220/440/3/60
  Equipped With
  2 Axis CNC Back Gauge
  All Available Dies and Holders

  Approximate Dimensions:                177"(LR) X 86"(FB) X 109"(H)
  Approximate Weight:                    26,460 Lbs.