Type: Machining Centers, Vertical, (5-Axis or More)
Model: UCP 600 VARIO
Seller Stock #: 128151

2006 Mikron UCP 600 Vario 5 Axis CNC High Speed Machining Center

  Table, carriage (X,Y,Z,B,C):            Gray cast iron
  X-axis travel:                          23.623 (600 mm)
  Y-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm)
  Z-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm)
  B-axis travel:                          -115/+30 degrees
  C-axis travel:                          n x 360
  Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z):                866 in/min (22 m/min)
  Maximum Acceleration:                  .6 m/s-2
  Measurement system:                    0.000043 (1 um) in glass scale positioning
  Rotary tilt table size:                Up to 17.713 diameter (450 mm)
  Rotary tilt table, carrying capacity:  441 lbs (200 kg)
  Spindle:                                17 hp (13 kW)
  Spindle speed:                          100-42,000 rpm
  Spindle torque:                        3.1 ft. lbs. (4.2 Nm)
  Spindle taper:                          HSK E 40
  Automatic tool changer capacity:        36
  Maximum tool diameter:                  0.6253 (16 mm)
  Maximum tool length from the spindle nose:4.724413 (120 mm)
  Maximum tool weight:                    2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  Equipped with:
  HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 control
  Full cabin enclosure
  Chip conveyor (long) option
  Tool cleaning by air blast
  Preparation for touch probe
  Oil mist coolant spray unit
  Laser tool measuring
  Scratch proof screens for full machine enclosure
  Tilt the working plane iTNC530